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The tradition of Turkish coffee dating back to the 16th century still preserves its vitality as on the first day. Turkish coffee, which has a special place in Turkish cuisine with its preparation techniques and special presentations, is also accepted as a sign of hospitality. In order to better welcome the guests, they are served with more special cups instead of the coffee cups used in daily life. Turkish coffee has been considered a must for special occasions for centuries. Turkish coffee is the calmest ritual of the most hectic days such as asking for a girl’s hand in marriage or betrothal rituals.
Although traditions do not change, technology is developing day by day. Arzum, one of the leading brands in the small home appliances industry continues to keep the Turkish coffee tradition alive with products that make your life easier. There are many products under the Arzum OKKA accessory category, such as coffee cups and OKKA Turkish coffee water supply units. Arzum OKKA's accessory category helps you provide fast services without making your guests wait, with functional products such as coffee cups and water supply units.

Coffee Cup Models

Turkish coffee has a history of about 500 years. The most elegant detail of this culture is the coffee cups in which coffee is served. Turkish coffee, which is served in very special cups in Ottoman cuisine, is still served with stylish designs today.

Coffee cups are designed with or without handles. Although cups with handles have a more widespread use, handleless cups found in Ottoman culture are also frequently preferred. Handleless coffee cups are used with copper or metal accessories called cup envelopes that surround the cup. Arzum OKKA accessory series offers elegant designs, from plain and handled cup models to different cup sizes.

Arzum OKKA-The Address of Coffee

While Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machine with its water tank design, Arzum OKKA Grandio and Arzum OKKA Minio with its coffee pot design prepare your foamy coffee for you, you can prepare your presentation with Arzum OKKA cup models in the accessory category. In the OKKA accessory category, OKKA 2-cup set and OKKA Double Cup offer cup sizes suitable for the amount of coffee you prefer. If you wish, you can enjoy a double or traditional cup by using the three-stage cup size setting in the Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machine, or you can enjoy/brew Turkish coffee with a capacity of 8 cups at once with the Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machine models with a coffee pot.

Uninterrupted Coffee Service

One of the most functional products of the Arzum OKKA accessory category, the OKKA automatic water supply unit offers uninterrupted coffee service to crowded guests. The water supply unit is a practical complement to the OKKA Turkish coffee machine with a water chamber. The unit can be easily attached to the coffee machine and the specially designed flexible water hose can be connected to a water source such as a carboy.

The flexible hose automatically draws water from the water supply, keeping the chamber full while the coffee machine is running. Thus, you can serve as many cups of coffee as you want without having to refill the water tank again and again.

Arzum OKKA Accessories Prices

The products in the Arzum OKKA accessory group not only make your coffee preparation process easier, but also enable you to make presentations that are glamorous and worth your guests. Stylish cup sets, each chic than the other, appeal to all tastes with their simple and patterned designs. The automatic water supply unit takes the water required by the OKKA Turkish coffee machine for service from a water source to which it is connected, and thus the coffee machine continues to operate uninterruptedly. You can also have comfort and taste at the most affordable prices. Arzum discount opportunities and campaigns are waiting for you in OKKA accessories group.

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