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Make More of Your Holiday with Arzum

Electrical home appliances that will meet all your needs from kitchen appliances to personal care and clothing care are with you by Arzum quality and innovative designs! If you desire a well-groomed and stylish look and want to achieve them quickly and practically, personal care appliances and electrical home appliances categories draw attention with their different product range.

In the category of personal care appliances, hair care and face and body care subcategories appear. While hair dryer, curling iron, laser epilation device and many other products help you in your daily care; The ironing and clothing care sub-category among electrical household appliances allows you to maintain your clean and stylish appearance at all times. Increasing the comfort and practicality of your home even more with its product range of up to 250 models, Arzum enables you to have the same performance in your travels.

Among the designs that will increase your travel pleasure are Cezveli Turkish coffee maker with a foldable handle, a hair dryer with a compact design and a foldable handle, and a travel iron with a mini design. Products that appeal to your usage needs and taste are offered with different color alternatives.

Arzum Travel Iron Models

Arzum electrical home appliances which increase your living comfort, do not forget your holiday pleasure while completing your daily needs. Arzum, which is with you on your travels as well as providing practicality at home, draws attention with its compact and ergonomic product range. Arzum iron models offer different designs together with steam generator irons, steam irons and travel irons. Travel iron models, with their high performance and portable compact design, allow you to maintain your elegance during your travels. With its adjustable steam power performance, designs that offer effective ironing from silk fabric to denim fabrics provide the pleasure of smooth clothing.

Arzum Travel Iron Features

The ceramic coated soleplate used in Arzum travel iron designs provides slipperiness and offers easy ironing. The light weight of the iron models and the foldable handle feature allow you to carry them easily in your suitcase. Arzum travel irons, which offer a dual voltage feature that can be adjusted between 110V and 220V, a continuous steam output of 12 grams per minute and a maximum steam output of 45 grams per minute, make your instant ironing needs easier with their practical use.

The shot of steam button comes to your aid in tough creases. While the water filling cover offers comfortable use, the 55ml water tank promises long-term performance. The voltage toggle switch gives you the opportunity to make adjustments according to the current values you may encounter when you go to different countries. Thermostat adjustment button, with its low, medium and high heat setting options, allows you to determine the heat value suitable for the fabric type.

Arzum travel iron models, which also have a dry ironing function, provide practicality for fabric types that you should not use steam power. When you turn off the steam power for the dry ironing function, the thermostat warning light comes on. When the thermostat warning light turns off, you can understand that your iron has reached the required temperature and you can start the ironing process.

How to Clean the Travel Iron?

After using your travel iron, you can turn off the steam control and leave it in an upright position until it cools down. Then, empty the water inside the device by opening the water tank cover. If material accumulation occurs on the soleplate such as fabrics etc., it is sufficient to wipe the ceramic base with a damp cloth dipped in a vinegar-water mixture. After the cleaning process is finished, you can wipe your iron with a dry cloth and store it in the storage area.

Arzum Travel Iron Prices

Accompanying you at every moment from your home to your travels, Arzum brings innovative touches to its ergonomic designs that offer practical use. Arzum travel irons, with their stylish and compact designs, attract attention not only with their useful structures, but also with their affordable travel iron prices.


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