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Arzum, one of the leading brands of the sector with small home appliances produced using the latest technologies, increases the comfort in your home. Kitchen appliances, ironing models, personal care products under the range of electrical home appliances meet your daily needs perfectly. Arzum becomes an integral part of your home thanks to its stylish and ergonomic designs!

Ironing, which is one of the constant activities of every house, is no longer a business with Arzum iron models. The iron category includes ceramic-based irons, steam generator irons, travel irons and ironing board models. The ceramic soleplate, which slides easily on your clothes with its special technologies, offers effective ironing even on the most wrinkled clothes. Ironing boards are easy to open and close and can be stored vertically even in tight corners.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing an Iron?

Arzum ironing models enable you to comfortably complete your daily ironing needs. When choosing an iron, different factors such as the steam power of the iron, the slipperiness of the soleplate and whether your family is crowded or not become important. The steam power of the iron is the determining factor in removing the wrinkles of your clothes. For this reason, when choosing an iron, you should pay attention to the fact that the iron you will buy has high shot of steam power and gives continuous steam. In textiles such as linen or denim, high steam power provides a more comfortable ironing and allows you to complete the ironing process in a practical way.
Thanks to the slipperiness of the soleplate, the iron moves easily on the fabric and thus easily opens the wrinkles. Arzum ceramic soleplate iron models move easily on clothes and transmit heat proportionally well. The lightness of the iron provides the gliding of the soleplate. Arzum iron models, which have light and ergonomic designs, draw attention with their practical use. If you are one of those who iron a few times but frequently, you can choose Arzum ceramic soleplate irons.

If you have a large family or if you have too many laundries to be ironed, Arzum steam generator iron models are the ideal choices for you. When choosing a steam generator iron, you can buy the Arzum steam generator iron model that is most suitable for your area of use, considering the steam power and energy consumption values.

Quick Solutions with Arzum Iron Models

Offering powerful performance, Arzum iron models are among your greatest helpers in your home! The appliances, which reach the ironing temperature in a short time, help to remove wrinkles with continuous steam output. Difficult wrinkles, on the other hand, are quickly destroyed by the effect of shock steam. The ceramic soleplate both promises resistance to scratches and allows the appliance to slide easily on the clothing. In addition, the anti-drip system in the designs of Arzum iron models prevents water from dripping on the fabric while ironing at low temperatures.
Thanks to the models with automatic shutdown feature, the appliance automatically turns off when you are not around and ensures your safety. Arzum iron models promise long-term use and high performance with its anti-calcification system. The large water tank or reservoir provide you to iron a large number of clothes. In appliances with self-cleaning feature, you can clean the product from scale with one click and thus improve the steam performance.

Tips for Ironing

The first rule of easy ironing is to adjust the size of the ironing board to suit you. Ironing boards that are too low or too high cause you to get tired more. After adjusting the table according to you, you should check the soleplate of the iron to see if there are any stains on the soleplate that will damage the fabric. Before you start ironing, you can wipe the soleplate with a damp cloth.

After preparing the appliance and the ironing table, you can start sorting your clothes. Before you start ironing, you can check the labels of the clothes for better results. It saves you time to start with fabrics that require low heat and then iron the more demanding garments. Because when the clothes that require low heat are finished, you can start your other clothes in a short time by raising the temperature of the iron. Hanging your clothes directly on the hanger after ironing prevents the heated fabric from wrinkling again.

Arzum Iron Prices

Arzum is with you whenever you need it with ceramic soleplate, steam generator or travel irons! Offering an easy and fast ironing experience with its high performance, Arzum becomes a part of your home with its stylish designs. Arzum irons, which offer ideal performance on all kinds of fabrics, remove the toughest wrinkles without tiring you out. Functions such as the thermostat setting that can be changed easily, the warning light which indicates that the device is ready, the anti-calc system, the automatic shut-off and the drip prevention function make your work easier. Arzum iron models which are appreciated for their features and smart technology, get full marks with their prices.

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