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Reaching more than 10 million homes in nearly 35 countries with its small home appliances, Arzum meets your every need with its wide product range. Nearly 250 products in the fields of kitchen appliances, personal care products, irons and electrical appliances make your life easier with their easy use. Arzum provides different products under one roof, from vacuum cleaner to hair care.
Hair care products in the Arzum personal care appliances category contribute to your hair always looking healthy and shiny. Hair dryer, hair straightener and curling iron are included in Arzum hair care subgroup. Arzum hair care products, which provide A class efficient energy use, stand out with their user-friendly details and technologies.

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Hair Dryer?

Hair dryers are the most used products among hair care products. When buying a hair dryer, it is important whether the product gives fast and effective results, provides practical use and takes up less space. Arzum professional hair dryer models protect your hair and provide effective drying with its double-headed, ionic, foldable structure and high Watt power. In addition to vivid tones such as pomegranate, coral and marine, hair dryers that embody the simplicity of black and white are also available in the category of personal care appliances.

Models that prevent static electricity and appearance of frizzy hair are among the most  important factors in product selection. Appliances with powerful motors are among the musts for effective drying. The designs with the powerful motor supported by the ion technology minimize the risk of your hair looking frizzy and static electricity.

Practical use is also one of the things that people who wash their hair every day care about. When using the dryer, you should pay attention to whether you can easily change the fan speed and temperature setting, and that the product is not too heavy. In addition, designs with cold blowing function help to make the blow dry more permanent after drying and blow-drying your hair. Finally, the purpose of use also comes to the fore in product selection. If you are using a hair dryer for both drying and blow-drying, you should choose machines with powerful motor speed. If you are choosing a hair dryer for your travels, you can choose smaller and foldable models.


How to Use a Curling Iron?

If you have straight hair, you do not have to go to the hairdresser to have wavy hair. Or if you have uneven waves and want to use curly hair, you can get help from curling irons. Curling irons allow you to achieve wavy and curly hairstyles at home in a short time. The most effective way for this is to dry your hair thoroughly and straighten it with the help of a hair straightener or dryer. Then you can separate your hair into sections and create natural waves with a curling iron.

Arzum curling irons draw attention with their different functional features as well as their classical usage features. Curling irons with keratin and argan oil additives or ceramic plates containing avocado oil and vitamin E, and curling irons that offer 2 different curl styles, provide you to easily reach the full and well-groomed curls you desire.

Styling Tips with a Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners are among the hair care tools that people with both straight and wavy hair often use for styling. Before using the hair straightener on your hair, your hair shall be completely dry, allowing you to get a more effective result. Before straightening your hair, it is easy to separate your hair into small sections and place each piece in the straightener.
Hair straighteners can also be used to make big waves. You can also make natural waves on your hair by using the straightener models with curved edge like curling irons. Arzum hair straighteners, like the curling iron, provide a silky straightening with its plates containing avocado oil and vitamin E or models with ion technology.

Perfect Results with Arzum Hair Care Products

Arzum hair care products ensure you always have a bright and brilliantly hair, giving importance sensitivity of your hair. With features such as fan adjustment, cold blowing, ion technology for hair dryers and features such as temperature indicator, controllable temperature setting, automatic shut-off and plate fixing function for curling irons and straighteners allow you to give your hair the shape you want in a short time.
Hair dryers using ion technology, curling irons in different designs and hair straighteners with ceramic coated plates that add shine to your hair allow you to always look well-groomed.   Thanks to the hair straighteners with keratin additives, you can get shiny and straight hair or perfect curls. Arzum hair straighteners, which have a specially designed round body, are appreciated for their functional features. With the curling iron models that allow you to get 2 different curl styles, you can make small waves or natural and large waves. Hair straightening brushes, with their practical use, shape your hair while combing and preserve the volume of your hair.

Hair Care Products Prices

Touching every moment of your life with its durable and quality products, Arzum contributes to making your hair look healthy with its hair care products. Hair dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons meet all your needs. Hair care products, which provide practical use and allow you to give your hair the shape you want without disturbing the moisture balance, also attract attention with their price alternatives. You can enjoy affordable hair care by following Arzum campaigns.

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