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Functional Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Models at Arzum!

Small home appliances needed from daily maintenance to cleaning needs come together with Arzum quality. Offering stylish and ergonomic designs for your home, Arzum emphasizes its innovative perspective while breaking new grounds in its adventure from 1966 to the present. Kitchen appliances, personal care appliances, Arzum OKKA family and electrical household appliances designed for cleaning needs promise ease of use and practicality. The vacuum cleaner with dust bag, vertical vacuum cleaner, vertical rechargeable vacuum cleaner and bagless vacuum cleaner models in the category of electrical home appliances show their difference with their ergonomic use as well as their design award-winning products. Arzum is always with you, with a variety of products up to 250 models that you can choose according to your needs!

Arzum bagless vacuum cleaner models offer the performance you are looking for in vacuuming needs with their high suction power and A class energy-saving designs. Bagless vacuum cleaner prices, suitable for every budget, appeal to both your home budget and your comfort. The vacuum cleaner models that you will need the most, from spring cleaning to daily cleaning, meet you in the Arzum small home appliances categories. So, when you consider your needs; For bagless vacuum cleaner recommendation, is vacuum cleaner noise or high suction power more important? Whatever your choice will be, you can find what you are looking for in the Arzum categories. Vacuum cleaner models that offer 4A performance increase your criteria with high suction power and low vacuum cleaner noise.

Arzum Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Models

Vacuum cleaners, which are one of the most important assistants when it comes to cleaning in homes, increase your selection scale with their dust bag, rechargeable, vertical and dust bagless designs. If your preference is Arzum bagless vacuum cleaner models, design varieties and color alternatives are waiting for you. The vacuum cleaners with motor power that starts from 700 Watts and increases up to 900 Watts, are designed in accordance with different needs with their functional features and additional apparatus.

If you are a family with children, have an allergen disorder or have pets, whatever your needs are; Arzum presents the firsts for you. Arzum Olimpia series combines 4A and 3A energy performance with high suction power. Models with durable wire hose extend the hose life of your machine. The use of H.E.P.A 13 filters offers clean air output with its high technology. The 2-stage filtration system, which provides 99% filtration increases the cleanliness of your home by trapping dust and allergens in the air. The sound of the vacuum cleaner becomes even more important for families with children and people who work. Arzum bagless vacuum cleaner models offer both comfortable and high-performance suction with a sound level of up to 65dB.

Arzum vacuum cleaner models, which offer high suction power with Cyclone Extreme technology, warn you in case of any blockage thanks to the LED indicator. Designs with electronic suction power adjustment provide deep cleaning on every floor, while leaving no trace of invisible hair or dust particles on carpets thanks to the turbo nozzle. Arzum bagless vacuum cleaner models with compact and ergonomic designs take your comfort and the comfort of your home one step further.

Arzum Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Prices

Considering your budget as well as your comfort, Arzum draws attention with its affordable bagless vacuum cleaner prices and compact designs. Arzum meets your every need with its variety of models and ergonomic designs, and accompanies your decoration thanks to its color alternatives. Arzum vacuum cleaner models, which you can choose from dowery set to daily use with cinnamon, gray, dreamline, fuchsia, red, burgundy and blue tones, also offer a solution to the search for gifts for special occasions. Do not forget to review the Arzum categories for affordable vacuum cleaner prices and stylish designs!

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