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Arzum, one of the leading brands in the small home appliances industry increases the comfort in your home with its technology and designs. Arzum has a wide product range from kettles to irons, from hand blender sets to vacuum cleaners and meets all your needs in daily housework, personal care, cooking in the kitchen or preparing drinks.

With its products in the beverage preparation group, Arzum allows you to prepare full-steep teas or creamy coffees at any time of the day. Arzum beverage preparation group includes kettles, Turkish coffee machines, tea machines, flasks, tea coffee machine sets and filter coffee machine models. Arzum beverage preparation products are your best assistant in the kitchen, saving you time and allowing you to take care of your other works at the same time.

How To Make a Foamy Coffee

Turkish coffee, which is one of the most delicious traditions accompanies your day in full texture and with plenty of foam thanks to Arzum Turkish coffee machines. Turkish coffee machines with coffee pots having a capacity of up to 8 cups allow you to prepare perfect coffee without making your guests wait. Right- and left-hand use and foldable handle offer practicality.
In order to brew foamy coffees with pot-coffee machines, one of the most practical members of the Arzum beverage preparation group, it is enough to turn on the appliance after adding cold water, Turkish coffee and sugar depending on the number of coffees, and to mix your coffee during brewing and distribute the coffee evenly. When your coffee starts to boil you can get perfect coffee by pouring a small amount of coffee evenly into the cups and waiting for the rest to boil again.

Slow Brewed Turkish Coffee Experience with OKKA

The Arzum OKKA family offers the best coffee brewing experience. OKKA Turkish coffee machine models, with features such as smart water technology, touch panel, and smart brewing sensor brew coffees with the full texture. The audio-visual alert system and anti-overflow smart brewing sensor increase your comfort. In addition to the standard brewing function, you can experience the Turkish coffee cooked on low-heat on cinder with designing slow brewing function and you can adjust the amount of your coffee pleasure thanks to the cup size setting.

The OKKA Turkish coffee machine with a water chamber that serves directly to the cup becomes one of the most practical products of the Arzum OKKA family. The award-winning Arzum OKKA which allows you to serve two cups at the same time allows you to achieve the ideal texture in each cup. The appliance promises ease of use with its double-sided cup stand, different cup size settings, slow brewing feature, waste water grid and self-cleaning function.  Brewing coffee is easier than ever with Arzum OKKA, which takes water from its coffee-pot automatically! For unique coffees, you can add Turkish coffee depending on the number of cups and add sugar if desired, and press the button for one or two cups. You can use the slow brewing feature to enjoy the taste of Turkish coffee cooked on low-heat cinder. You can choose the appropriate side of the cup stand according to the cup size. After processing is complete, you can easily clean the appliance by pressing the self-cleaning button and empty the accumulated water by removing the waste water tray in a practical way.

Arzum Tea Makers for Strong Tea

Tea machines are among the most basic members of the Arzum beverage preparation group. Tea, which completes breakfasts for an energetic start to the day, accompanies pleasant conversations in the middle of the day or relieves the tiredness of all the hours spent standing up after dinner, is always fresh and brewed thanks to Arzum tea machines. Tea maker models, which make your life easier in the kitchen with their large water capacity, light warnings and safety system that notifies you when the water is low, allow you to enjoy tea to the fullest at any time by boiling the water in a very short time.
The stainless-steel tea filter is easy to clean. The boiling switch enables to pass to the energy saving mode by keeping warm function when the water is boiling. Thanks to designs that offer wireless ease of use, take your tea with you wherever you go. Arzum tea sets allow you to serve brewed and fresh tea at any time of the day. If you wish, you can fill the brewed tea into your thermos, which is the most mobile member of the Arzum beverage preparation group, and take it with you.

Making Beverage at Home

Arzum makes your work in the kitchen easier with its beverage preparation products and it also appeals to your budget with its affordable price options. Arzum beverage preparation products which are an integral part of your home with their stylish designs, offer practical solutions at every moment. Tea sets, coffee machines, kettles and thermoses appeal to every user with their attractive prices as well as their functional and practical uses. Arzum beverage group products that brings technology to your home, not only help you save time, but also appeal to your taste buds. You can check out the prices of Arzum small home appliances to buy quality and comfort at the most affordable prices.

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