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Arzum Juicer Models

Arzum electrical home appliances continue to attract attention with their leadership in the industry, stylish designs and quality. Thanks to the solutions it provides, it offers many advantages to users. Arzum offers juicer models to relieve the tiredness you experience in the kitchen and housework.

Many people like to drink juice. Although finished products are referred to as natural fruit juice, they do not reflect the taste you get from the desired fruit or the fruit you squeezed yourself. Everyone enjoys drinking a fruit juice with its naturalness without mixing any sweeteners. You can do the same job with traditional, plastic-made juicers, but is it worth the time and energy you spend? Arzum juicer models save you from all these troubles and allow you to enjoy the taste of the fruit without losing its vitamins with the natural juices you will prepare yourself.
Arzum juicer models, which stand out with their stylish design and material quality, also satisfy their users in terms of cleaning. You can wash the plastic parts that you can easily remove and install in the dishwasher safely.

How Does the Juicer Function?

Juicers serve to separate pulp and juice by quickly squeezing the juice of fruits that are difficult to squeeze by hand. After the fruits to be squeezed are washed, they are thrown into the upper chamber of the juicer. In order to push the fruits deeper, the fruits are pushed into the chamber with the knife by pressing the plastic cover. The pulp and juice of the fruits that are shredded in the chamber are separated. From the fountain sidewise to the juicer, the juice of the fruit inside flows into the glass. You can prepare delicious cocktails by putting more than one fruit or vegetable at the same time. Preparing natural and delicious juices for your loved ones is easier than you think!

Juicer Features

Juicer models are generally produced in two types, manual and electric. In electric models, the juicers, which are generally classified according to their motor power, have 150 W, 400 W, and 1000 W options. Arzum juicers come to the fore with their low-speed and powerful engines and quiet operation features. The presence of a pulp container as well as a juice container eliminates the hassle of cleaning after use. Pulp and strainer container also differ depending on juicer types. In Arzum juicer models, the containers have various volumes, being 900 ml., 1.6 lt. and 2 lt. You can also decide on the most suitable model for your needs among the practical juicers, and you can enjoy the comfort in the kitchen with the assurance of Arzum.

Arzum Juicer Prices

Juicer prices generally vary according to material quality and different features. Many technical features such as pulp container capacity, jug container capacity, material quality of shredder and strainer, speed adjustment, foam separator and clamp play an important role in price. There are plastic or stainless steel options for the chambers that have different tasks in the juicer. Arzum continues to offer products with which you can prepare your drinks safely by offering quality at affordable prices. Arzum juicers are presented to you as a price/performance product. You can have Arzum juicer models with easy payment options and attractive installments.

Arzum Juicer Campaigns

Arzum, which stands out with its juicer models as in every product, provides many advantages to its customers with various campaigns. In addition to the attractive campaign sets created by Arzum, you can have a juicer with extra discounts on special days such as New Year's Day, Valentine's Day and holidays. Please continue to follow to buy juicer models and the most practical beverage preparation products with the assurance of Arzum with quality and reasonable prices!

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