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Arzum Fan Models

Arzum, one of the leading brands of both Turkey and the world in the small home appliances sector, has been your biggest assistant in your home since 1966. Products designed with the motto "If you change, changes the world", reach more than 10 million homes today. Hundreds of product groups offered under the categories of kitchen appliances, electrical home appliances, personal care appliances and Arzum Okka make your life easier with their user-friendly details and technologies.

The category of electrical home appliances which includes many products such as vacuum cleaners, irons and ironing boards, water heaters, radiators, water purifiers and fans, allows you to meet all your needs in your home. Vacuum cleaner models that promise maximum hygiene, irons that allow you to iron effortlessly, water heater models that meet your hot water needs quickly, radiators that heat your home in winter, and water purifiers that allow you to reach healthy water at any time increase your comfort. Fans in the group of other electrical home appliances are considered the harbinger of summer months. The fans, which can be easily controlled with a remote control, help you spend time in your home with pleasure even in the hottest weather.


User Friendly Details

Arzum fan models provide practical use with their user-friendly details. Different speed levels such as low, medium or maximum allow you to change the coolness and breeze setting according to your needs. Fan models with wind mode offer the pleasure of natural breeze by quickly removing the hot air. The oscillation feature of Arzum ventilators allows you to change the direction of the breeze as you wish.

Arzum ventilators also help you to enjoy your night's sleep thanks to the time setting function. In models with timer function, you can use the timer feature up to 7.5 hours and fall asleep comfortably even in the most oppressive weather. The timer function allows the device to stay active for as long as you want and turn off whenever you want. All functions of ventilators such as operating speed, time setting and swing function can be controlled with the remote control.

Maximum Comfort with Arzum

Arzum ventilator models, which are a must for hot summer days, increase your comfort by rapidly distributing the hot air in the environment. Arzum fan models provide maximum cooling even in the widest areas with their high performance and powerful propeller system. The multi-propeller system provides stronger airflow, allowing air circulation to be effective in a wider area. Thus, you can get rid of the effect of hot weather and enjoy the comfort of your home.

Fan models, which are appreciated with their features, complete your home with their modern designs. Arzum fan models fit perfectly into every spot of your living room or home. Arzum fans, which meet your needs with different speed settings and breeze performance promising coolness even on the hottest days, also promise safe use thanks to its protection grid.

Arzum Fan Prices for Every Budget

Arzum is your biggest assistant in your home with hundreds of products from blender models to irons, from hair dryers to fans. With its innovative technology, it allows you to meet all your needs in your home in a practical way. Fans, one of the most functional products of the electrical home appliances category, are considered the harbinger of summer months. Arzum ventilator models, which are appreciated for their powerful air flow and permanent performance, offer a relaxing environment even on the hottest days. Arzum ventilators also stand out with their user-friendly details. You can manage the device, which offers practical use with the remote control, without leaving your place and enjoy the coolness. Do not miss Arzum campaigns and discounts to buy quality and comfort at the most affordable prices. Arzum fan prices appeal to all budgets!

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