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Arzum, which has made a name for itself in the field of electrical home appliances with its durable and stylish designs, makes your life easier with more than 250 products. Products offered in many categories such as kitchen appliances, ironing, cleaning and personal care are your biggest helpers at home with their user-friendly details and technology. Arzum also exports its innovative products to 35 countries.
Arzum OKKA family provides products such as Turkish coffee machine, coffee cup, coffee grinder to your preference. Arzum coffee cup models, each more stylish than the other, take the pleasure of Turkish coffee one step further. Visuality, which is the most effective complement to taste, increases your coffee pleasure with Arzum cup sets. Arzum coffee cup designs, which are candidates to be the most stylish members of your home, allow you to make eye-catching presentations to your guests.

Perfect Presentations with OKKA Coffee Cups

Texture, plenty of foam, coffee smell and presentation are considered among the basic elements of Turkish coffee culture. Arzum coffee cup models, specially designed for the Arzum OKKA family, accompany your coffee with plenty of foam and full texture in the best way. Its thin and light structure both beautifies your presentations and increases your coffee pleasure. The cups, which are members of the Arzum OKKA family, are also compatible with Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machine models. In addition to standard size coffee cups, Arzum OKKA double cup models double the pleasure of Turkish coffee.

History of Turkish Coffee

It is believed that coffee, whose origin is known as Abyssinia, first spread to Yemen and from Yemen to the Middle East in the 1500s. Although there are many different rumors about how it happened, the arrival of coffee in the Ottoman Empire coincides with the 1550s. In this period, the biggest factor in the rapid spread of Turkish coffee among the people was the coffeehouses that were opened.

The first coffeehouse was opened in Tahtakale district of Istanbul. The number of coffee houses where people read books, talked about literature and poetry, played backgammon or chess increased in a very short time. Thus, while coffeehouses became an inseparable part of social life, coffee became widespread among the people and became the crown jewel of the palace kitchen and indispensable part of the house. In the 1600s, Venetian and Marseille merchants took coffee from the Ottoman Empire and carried it to Europe.
Turkish coffee is one of the most delicious legacies of those years till today. Although coffee beans are not grown in Turkey, the grinding, brewing and presentation of the coffee bean contributed to the emergence of the "Turkish coffee" culture. This culture, which transforms coffee beans into perfect presentations with its unique rituals, is now accepted as a brand known to the whole world.

Turkish Coffee Presentation Suggestions

Carrying the traces of centuries, Turkish coffee stands out with its unique presentation. A glass of medium cold water is a must for Turkish coffee. Water is given not to drink over the coffee, but to clean other flavors on your palate before coffee. Thus, it is ensured that the taste of the coffee is taken without additives. If you want to get away from simplicity, you can color the water glass with lemon and green mint. You can also serve your coffee with an aromatic sherbet from Ottoman cuisine instead of water.
Turkish delight, one of the sweetest snacks of Turkish cuisine, perfectly accompanies Turkish coffee. Turkish delight also helps to sweeten the palate, so it is one of the flavors best suited to black coffee. You can also serve your coffee with chocolate instead of Turkish delight. Chocolate balls or pill-shaped chocolates with coffee beans are also among the delicious treats.

OKKA Coffee Cup Models

Arzum accompanies every aspect of your daily life with its innovative products. Arzum OKKA family doubles your Turkish coffee pleasure with designs such as double coffee cup set, Sultan series cup set, double cup and Turkish coffee machine. Arzum coffee cup sets, each more stylish than the other, promise unforgettable presentations for you and your guests. You can include double cup sets or double cups among your gift alternatives, and you can make nice surprises for your loved ones. Do not miss Arzum campaigns to buy the elegance you are looking for at the most affordable prices.


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