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OKKA Turkish Coffee Machine



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Arzum, acclaimed for its quality and stylish designs, offers hundreds of products in categories such as food preparation, beverage preparation, cooking and frying, ironing, cleaning and personal care. Arzum, one of the leading brands in the small home appliances industry, increases your comfort at home thanks to its innovative details that offer practical use.
Turkish coffee, which has been inherited from the Ottoman cuisine, continues to add flavor to its taste with the Arzum OKKA family. Arzum OKKA family increases your coffee pleasure with its product range such as OKKA Turkish coffee machines, coffee cups, coffee grinders. The OKKA family, which blends classic tastes with modern technology, always promises foamy cups with its OKKA Turkish coffee machine.

Meet Arzum OKKA for a Perfect Coffee Pleasure

Introducing the Turkish coffee culture to the world, Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machine models allow you to prepare coffees without effort and at perfect texture. Models with coffee pot enrich the classic coffee cooking methods with technology and offer the results you want. To see what you can do with Arzum, it is enough to add cold water, Turkish coffee and sugar according to the number of people in the coffee pot, mix the mixture thoroughly and place it in the coffee pot holder. The audio-visual warning system notifies you when your coffee is ready.
When brewing coffee with Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machine models that have a direct-to-cup service function, after adding water to the water chamber and coffee to the coffee pot according to the number of cups, all that remains is to operate the appliance by choosing one or two cups. it's ready. You can choose the slow brewing option for enriched coffee, and you can adjust the cup positioning area according to the cup size. After drinking your foamy coffee, you can make the appliance self-clean with one click, and easily dispose of the water accumulated in the waste water grid.

How to Drink Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee, which contains 40 years of respect in each cup, appeals to all tastes with its different sugar and coffee ratios. Asking your guest how he/she would like to drink his/her coffee is considered the beginning of the coffee presentation. Turkish coffee is prepared as strong, low sugar, medium sugar or sugar. You do not need to use sugar to make strong Turkish coffee. According to the number of people, a heaped measuring spoon of coffee and cold water completes the content of strong coffee. You can use a suitable dessert spoon or special coffee spoon according to the cup size, as less coffee than necessary will cause the consistency to be less. Low-sugar coffee is prepared by adding half a teaspoon of sugar per person to the measure of black coffee. Coffee with low sugar generally tastes closer to black coffee rather than medium coffee.
In making medium sugar coffee, 1 flat teaspoon of sugar or 1 cube of sugar is generally used for each cup. This gives it a more intense sugar flavor than low sugar coffee. When making coffee with sugar, approximately 1.5 teaspoons or 2 cubes of sugar are added to coffee and water, depending on the number of people.

Arzum OKKA Turkish Coffee Machine Prices

  Arzum small home appliances, which make your daily life easier with its technology and design, are appreciated for its user-friendly details. Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machine models, with their stylish designs, adapt perfectly to your kitchen counters and offer flawless tastes with their features. Arzum coffee machines, which increase your alternatives with different designs, including coffee pot or water tank, both promise plenty of foam and leave you time. While you are preparing your presentation, Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machine prepares your coffees with care. Models that also offer the pleasure of roasted coffee with the slow cooking function appeal to your taste. You can check the Arzum OKKA family prices for perfect presentations and perfect coffee.

It is enough to add enough water to the water tank at the back of the machine, Turkish coffee according to the number of people in the inner compartment of the machine, and sugar if desired! After adding the coffee ingredients, you can enjoy the desired amount of coffee by pressing the single or double cup button. In addition, thanks to the slow brewing function, you can enjoy Turkish coffee as like cooked on embers for your guests.
You can use the three-stage cup size adjustment located at the back of your machine to adjust the amount of coffee according to the cup size. Arzum OKKA coffee machine also puts an end to the trouble of washing the coffee pot, thanks to the self-cleaning function of its reservoir. You can clean the machine with just one touch of a button.

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