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Arzum Steam Generator Iron

Arzum, which has been in service for a long time and has entered almost every house makes your life easier by combining functionality with ergonomic design and creativity. It is among the leading brands of the small household appliances sector with its product range of up to 250 items. Arzum, which broke new ground in many products and with its wide product range in food preparation, cleaning and personal care categories, continues to meet the needs of your home since the first day it was founded.

Offering professional products for electrical home appliances, Arzum presents you the steam generator iron that will make housework much easier and more practical. Ironing is one of the most difficult household chores for both women and men. If you think that the ironing takes a large part of your time, you can meet the Arzum steam generator iron. Arzum, which produces functional solutions to save you time, is among the first choices with its ironing design that attracts attention thanks to its versatile use!

Superior Safety Steam Generator Iron Suggestions

For people who care about dressing cleanly, meticulously ironed clothes are very important. Steam generator irons are one of the must-have small household appliances for perfectly ironed clothes. The usefulness and quality of the preferred iron greatly shortens the time allotted for ironing.
By choosing the right model suitable for your ironing frequency, you can make ironing very enjoyable. At this point, steam generator iron prices are of course also important. Arzum, which helps its users in every way, is with you in the search for an affordable iron!

Arzum steam generator irons attract attention with their high safety. Ironing is a job that requires attention. But when you are distracted, Arzum is with you! With its safe lock system and automatic shut-off feature, the fear of whether the iron is left on ends.

When the iron is left on, the automatic switch-off feature is activated and the iron turns off. In this way, problems such as possible fire are prevented. In addition, the safety lock is activated during transportation, allowing you to have a useful and practical iron. You can feel safe thanks to the security measures of Arzum steam generator iron models!

How To Use the Steam Generator Iron?

Arzum steam generator irons which are effective even in the toughest wrinkles with their superior performance, penetrate deep into the folded fabrics thanks to their high steam power. In the first use, you can complete the ironing process without any problems by taking a look at the instructions given in the user manual included in the product. Thanks to detailed information, you can use your iron with the best performance and longer life. During the ironing process, you can pay attention to the ironing instructions of the fabrics to be ironed. With each use, starting from the fabrics that require the least heat and switching to more demanding fabrics will make ironing much easier. In products with silk, glam, embossed or wool fabrics, you will get the best performance at lower temperature values ​​and protect your clothing from high temperatures. In products with thicker fabrics such as curtains and sheets, you can easily handle even the deepest wrinkles by increasing the heat setting of your iron.

Thermostat warning light, calc removal warning light, steam ready warning light, water tank empty warning light standby mode and calc removal warning button located on your iron offer a more practical use.

If the hardness level of the water you will fill into the boiler is high, you can add distilled water to the tap water. You can use tap water with low hardness alone without hesitation.

Steam Generator Iron Prices

Steam generator iron models which offer a superior ironing experience, provide you to achieve excellent results. The product, which glides easily on all kinds of fabrics, from silk to denim, gives you the pleasure of effortless ironing. It also pleases its users with its steam generator iron prices, which attract attention with its use, practicality and many other features. If you wish, you can buy the product, which is offered at an affordable price with seasonal campaigns, in installments. With affordable steam generator iron prices and Arzum assurance, you can meet your ironing needs at

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