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  Offering a wide range from electrical home appliances to personal care products, Arzum makes your life easier with its technology. Reaching many homes in 35 countries, Arzum contributes to the preparation of perfect tables with the products it offers in the categories of food preparation, beverage preparation, cooking and frying. Thanks to Arzum electric kitchen appliances, you can cook with pleasure and prepare delicious fruit juices.
Arzum's cooking and frying group includes bread roasters, toasters, waffle makers, electric pans, mini ovens, deep fryers and popcorn machines. Arzum cooking and frying products offer the best cooking experience with their practical use. You can cook delicious pastries with the mini oven, and crown your television joy at home with the popcorn machine. Thanks to the waffle maker, you can complete your tea-fun with the waffle you have prepared practically.

Delightful Breakfast Tables with Arzum

Being in the Arzum cooking and frying category, the bread roaster helps you roast your bread as you wish and reheat it when necessary. Arzum roasters also offer a solution for your thick slices thanks to its wide slot. The defrosting function of the product allows you to save time by quickly heating the breads you take out of the freezer. In addition to top-loading roasters, machines with a stone oven design are also appreciated. In machines with this design, you can easily heat many foods, not only bread but others such as bagels, pastries and pies.

Being one of the most stylish members of the Arzum cooking and frying group, bread roasters do not take up space on the counter thanks to their light and small design. Offering different color alternatives, Arzum adds color to your kitchen. Arzum roasters, which roast your bread while you are getting ready, also stand out with their easy cleaning.

Crowded Tables with Electric Cookers

Arzum electric cookers are candidates to be among the musts of large families or crowded tables. Large-diameter deep cookers meet all your needs with different cooking options. Thanks to its non-stick cooking surface and homogeneous heat distribution, even the most difficult-to-cook ingredients reach a perfect texture.
The electric cooker allows you to effortlessly prepare meat, vegetables and grilled varieties as well as dough and pizza recipes. Electric cookers, which increase your cooking space by eliminating the necessity of being close to the stove thanks to their corded use, also allow you to cook a variety of dishes at the same time. While your grill is being prepared in the electric cooker, you can cook your soup, rice and fry on your stove. In addition, you can always offer warm services to your table with the keep-warm function of the cookers.

Arzum Deep Fryer for Effortless Fries

Fries, which find a place in every meal from breakfast to dinner, are practically ready with the Arzum fryer. With their stylish and compact design, the fryer models that do not take up space allow you to make delicious and crispy fries. You can easily collect and remove the fryer when not in use, thanks to its removable glass top cover, frying basket and handle.

You can fry products such as fresh vegetables such as potatoes, meatballs, chicken, zucchini, eggplant, fillet fish and mushrooms in a short time and effortlessly and make them ready for service. You can also fry frozen foods beside fresh products. After putting enough vegetable oil in the fryer, you can determine the temperature setting suitable for the food you will fry by looking at the cooking chart. The thermostat warning light indicates when the oil in the fryer is ready for frying. When the warning light turns off, all you have to do is put the food you want to fry in the basket, place it in the fryer and close the lid of the device. Moreover, Arzum fryers can be easily cleaned thanks to their detachable parts.

Cooking and Frying Products Prices

Arzum small home appliances allow you to spend pleasant moments in the kitchen with affordable prices. Even the most complex recipes turn into perfect flavors with the Arzum cooking and frying product group. You can prepare delightful breakfast tables with Arzum toasters and bread roasters. For afternoon tea, you can make delicious cakes and pastries in the mini oven, and you can cook a delicious pizza in an electric pan for your guests who will come to dinner. Don't forget to follow Arzum's discounts and campaigns to have Arzum cooking and frying products at much more attractive prices!

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