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Arzum, one of the brands leading the small electrical home appliances industry offers functional and user-friendly products in the categories of kitchen appliances, ironing, hair care, facial and body care. Bringing technology to your home with its designs, Arzum effectively meets your daily needs from personal care to food preparation.

Under the face and body care subcategory, there are scales, epilators and laser hair removal appliances. Bathroom scales fit perfectly into your bathroom decoration with their stylish designs and color alternatives. Eco-friendly glass scale models, which can perform detailed body analysis, are equipped with bluetooth technology, are one of your greatest assistants to protect your health and fitness. Epilator and laser hair removal machine models take care of your personal care.

What to Consider When Using an Epilator

Hair remover, one of the safest and most practical ways to have a smooth skin, is now much easier with specially designed epilator models suitable for home use. In the selection of epilator models that work with the logic of tweezers while removing hair and are one of the leading facial and body grooming products, you should pay attention to the quality, the number of tweezers, the product features and whether it is used wet or not.

The use of quality materials in products is one of the most important elements for your skin health. For this reason, you should pay attention to the quality of the appliance when choosing an epilator that comes into contact with your skin. The number of tweezers and the tweezers system are important for you to have smooth skin for a long time. The epilator models, which have many tweezers and allow forward, backward or circular motion, easily reach different body parts and all hairs and give more effective results. Speed adjustment is one of the features that completes the tweezers system. Models with different speed settings offer options for sensitive or fast hair remover. Finally, if you want to use the epilator after a shower, you should prefer designs that can be applied to wet skin.

Keep Yourself in Shapf with Arzum Scale Models

Arzum scale models, which help you maintain your health and fitness, can be found in every corner of your home with their stylish designs and technologies. Eco-friendly glass scale models that produce their own power are appreciated for their battery-free use, the function of working with a single button, and their colorful designs. Eco-friendly glass scales, which are candidates to be your life coach at home draw attention with its LCD digital screen, weight measurement up to 150 kilograms and precise measurement feature.

Digital scale models, which are among the scales with stylish designs, fit perfectly into your bathroom, kitchen or wherever you want, thanks to their ultra-thin design. Digital scales with a maximum capacity of 150 kilograms and a sensitivity of 100 grams help you easily see your weight thanks to the LCD screen. Digital glass scale models also stand out with their automatic shut-off feature and the option to change the weight unit.

Arzum body analysis scale models allow you to have information about all the details you want by analyzing your fat, water, muscle and bone measurements. Smartfit scale models with Bluetooth, on the other hand, allow you to follow your detailed body analysis from your smart appliances. You can always stay fit with Bluetooth-enabled scale models that record all your body values and prepare weekly, monthly and yearly charts for you.
Arzum Face and Body Care Products Prices

Arzum helps you look well-groomed at any time of the day with its functional and easy-to-use face and body care products. Face and body care products, which offer one-touch solutions and meet your needs effectively, take care of your sensitivities and health. Scale, laser hair remover machine and epilator models increase your comfort with their functional features. Stay tuned to Arzum campaigns to discover the comfort offered by face and body care products!

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