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Arzum, one of the leading brands in the small home appliances industry; reaches every home with hundreds of products in the kitchen appliances, ironing, cleaning, hair care, face and body care group. Products that provide practical use and increase your comfort with their technology meet your daily needs quickly and effectively.
Arzum's electrical home appliances group includes vacuum cleaners with dust bag, bagless vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners, vertical rechargeable vacuum cleaner models, ceramic-based irons, steam generator irons, travel irons, ironing boards, water heaters, radiators, water purifiers and accessory products. While vacuum cleaners promise perfect cleaning in your home with their high performance, ironing models quickly open even the most difficult wrinkles. Electrical home appliances offer ideal solutions for your daily needs in your home.

Maximum Hygiene with Arzum Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners with dust bags provide perfect hygiene in every corner of your home with their high suction power and additional apparatus. Vacuum cleaners with a dust bag volume of up to 4 liters provide a healthy environment in your home by safely trapping dust, invisible dirt and germs.

Arzum bagless vacuum cleaner models enable you to clean for a long time without interruption, thanks to the dust container that can be easily removed and emptied and its large volume. The dust container minimizes the risk of dust spreading out, thanks to its safety cover. The HEPA filter provides clean air to the environment against the dust drawn.

With quiet operation models, you can clean at any time without annoying anyone. You can reach all surfaces thanks to the additional apparatus designed for surfaces such as carpets, sofas, beds and curtains. Vacuum cleaners allow you to reach every area of your home with their long cable length. In addition, rubber wheels minimize the risk of scratching sensitive floors such as parquet. Arzum vacuum cleaners also contribute to your budget thanks to its high efficiency motor and A class energy saving.

Space-saving Vertical Vacuum Cleaners

Vertical vacuum cleaners in the electrical home appliances group allow you to save space by offering ease of storage in vertical position. 1 liter dust collection capacity, cable winding latches, washable filter and dust container provide ease of use. Thanks to the adjustable handle, you can adjust the appliance according to you. Quiet operation feature and efficient motor power meet your daily cleaning needs more than enough.
Vertical vacuum cleaner models can be used either as a cordless vacuum cleaner or as a vertical vacuum cleaner. When you separate the main body of the upright vacuum cleaner from the standpipe, it turns into a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner. Thus, it provides comfortable use in many narrow areas such as seat corners or heating radiators. Vertical vacuum cleaners offer easy cleaning thanks to the filter and dust container. The soft brush structure of Arzum vertical cordless vacuums provides high performance on hard floors.

Effortless Iron with Arzum

Irons, one of the basic products of the electrical household appliances group, become a must of your home with their high steam power and superior performance features. Arzum iron models offer excellent results in all your linen, denim, silk and cotton clothes. Irons with special soles increase the slipperiness on the fabric, providing an effortless and easy ironing experience. You can enjoy easy ironing with the shot of steam function in difficult creases where continuous steam output is insufficient. In models with smart steam technology, the steam output is started when the iron starts moving on the fabric, thus minimizing energy consumption.

The steam power of the steam generator iron models penetrates deeply even on folded fabrics, facilitating ironing. Travel irons, on the other hand, promise ironed t-shirts, trousers or shirts even on your vacation or business trip. Travel irons, which can be carried easily thanks to their light structure, are candidates to be your smoothest travel companion.

Electrical Home Appliances Prices

Housework becomes easier with Arzum electrical home appliances. All you have to do is have a good time. With vacuum cleaners, germs, dust, allergens and invisible bacteria are effectively destroyed. Iron models in the category of electrical home appliances allow you to iron even the most demanding types of textiles effortlessly and without getting tired. Water heaters, water purifiers and radiators complete the deficiencies in your home. Do not miss Arzum campaigns and discount opportunities to buy comfort and quality at the most affordable prices.

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