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Arzum is among the leading brands in the field of small electrical appliances with its durable products that make your life easier. Reaching millions of people in 35 countries today, the brand shapes the industry with its designs and technology. Arzum offers hundreds of product groups under the subcategories of electrical kitchen appliances, ironing, cleaning, facial, body and hair care.
The Arzum food preparation category includes blenders, hand blenders, jug blenders, blender sets, mixers, food processors, juicers, spice grinders, coffee grinders, choppers/rondo, meat grinders, citrus juicers and kitchen scales. Standing out with its practical use and stylish design, Arzum food preparation products are an absolute must for kitchens.

Healthy Beverages with Blender Sets

Hand blenders, jug blenders and blender sets which are the most essential products of Arzum food preparation group meet your daily needs. Technoart, one of the hand-blender models with 6-blade technology catches even the hardest foods quickly and makes a homogeneous mixture without tiring you. The handle, which is suitable for your hand anatomy and has a soft texture, offers ease of use. Thanks to its stainless-steel legs, it also helps you to prepare hot meals such as soup, sauce and cooked vegetables.
The jug blender models, complete with a healthy glass jug, practically meet your daily needs in the kitchen. With its different speed settings, stainless steel blades and powerful motor, you can shred hard foods, prepare soups, fruit or vegetable purees. Moreover, you can easily remove the glass jug and wash it in the dishwasher or by hand. In addition, Arzum is up for being your biggest assistant in the kitchen by offering chopping, slicing, whisking, grating and hand blender functions altogether with its blender sets. Arzum blender models are also appreciated with their stylish and compact designs.

The Absolute Must in the Kitchen: Food Processors

Arzum food processors prepare dozens of foods, from smoothies to bread dough, quickly and in the most delicious way for you. Robots that enable you to handle every task allow you to prepare many foods with the functions of chopping, slicing, grating, grinding, kneading and ice crushing. Thus, you can effortlessly slice or chop vegetables and shred even the hardest foods effortlessly. You can prepare delicious snacks for your family or guests by kneading the dough without getting tired.

With its powerful motor and different speed settings, the easily removed and installed bowls of our highly appreciated food processors also facilitate the cleaning process. While Arzum food processor models appeal to all tastes with different color options, they become a part of kitchens with their stylish designs.

Fruit Juices Always Fresh

With Arzum juicers, you can prepare fresh fruit juices any time of the year. The Freshmix Slow Juicer model, which has the slow-squeezing technology, does not generate heat during pressing and protects your health by preventing the oxidation of foods. The auger mechanism allows you to obtain more vitamins and maximum efficiency by compressing the fruits rather than grating them. Thanks to the models that separate the juice from the pulp, the fresh juice and the remaining pulp are collected in two separated places. So, you can fill your glass with fruit juice in its purest and most delicious form. Besides fresh fruits, it can also be used to squeeze different types of vegetables such as carrots, parsley, broccoli; You can prepare healthy detox drinks with Arzum juicers.

Practical Recipes with Arzum Mixers

Offering practical use, Arzum mixer models enable you to make delicious cakes or pastries for your family and guests. Stand mixers, which provide ease of use thanks to their functional features, work as you wish with the beater / mixer apparatus, dough kneading apparatus and different speed settings. Stand mixer models with steel bowls make your work easier thanks to its 8-stage speed adjustment, large stainless-steel bowl and splash-proof cover. With Arzum stand mixers, recipes that require whisking, mixing and kneading turn into perfect presentations.

Hand mixers with a light and compact design are both easy to clean and do not take up space in your kitchen. It adds vitality to your kitchen with stylish and eye-catching color options from red to blue, from plum to coral.

Food Preparation Products and Prices

With its food preparation group, Arzum provides practical and effective solutions for your daily needs in the kitchen. Arzum food preparation products allow you to prepare delicious and fresh fruit juices, make excellent pastries or make vegetable and fruit purees. While the kitchen scale helps you adjust the measurements in your recipes as they should be, the meat grinders allow you to prepare your meat in your own kitchen. Arzum food preparation products, which make your life easier, are waiting for you with affordable price alternatives at

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