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Being among Turkey's leading brands in small household appliances, Arzum makes your life easier with more than 250 products offered in 6 main categories. With its technology and designs, Arzum improves your home’s comfort. Reaching millions with categories such as small kitchen appliances, cleaning, ironing, face and body care, food preparation, personal care, cooking, frying and beverage preparation, the brand designs its products with the motto " If you touch, changes the world".  
Arzum small kitchen appliances group offers everything you need in the kitchen, from hand blender sets to toasters. Products gathered under the areas of food preparation, cooking and frying and beverage preparation allow you to have a pleasant time in the kitchen with their easy use and practical solutions.

Arzum Food Preparation Products

Arzum food preparation products include blenders, hand blenders, jug blenders, blender sets, juicers, food processors, choppers/rondo, mixers, meat grinders, citrus juicers and coffee grinders. The kitchen scale allows you to use the most accurate measurements while preparing your favorite recipes and thus to catch the perfect tastes.
Blender sets enable you to complete your daily needs in the fastest way with its powerful engine and practical use. Thanks to its compact design, soup, vegetable or fruit purees are ready in seconds with blender models that do not take up space in your kitchen. You can also use the blender models that adapt easily to your hand thanks to their ergonomic design, to crush hard foods and ice. You can use juicers for the freshest fruit juices at any time of the year, and increase your coffee enjoyment with coffee grinders.

Now, Cooking is very easy with Arzum Cooking and Frying Products Group

Arzum cooking and frying products group includes many products that increase your comfort in the kitchen, such as toasters, roasters, waffle makers, electric pans, mini ovens, deep fryers and popcorn machines. With their stylish and elaborate designs, toasters toast your bread for you every morning. With functions such as different toasting levels and reheating, our toasters are also easy to clean.

Electric cookers offer ideal solutions for making delicious meals. Electric cookers, which are indispensable for crowded tables appeal to all tastes with its cooking options compatible with pizza, meat, dough, vegetables and grill.
Mini ovens that offer heat and energy savings add color to your kitchen with different color alternatives. Popcorn machines both crown your television fun at home and allow you to prepare delicious snacks for your guests in a short time.

Full Taste of Tea and Coffee with Arzum

The Arzum beverage preparation category includes kettles, Turkish coffee machines, tea machines, tea-coffee machine sets, thermos flasks and filter coffee machine models. Arzum OKKA introduces the taste of Turkish coffee to the whole world and is highly acclaimed with its options. Thanks to OKKA Turkish coffee machine models, you can experience the comfort of serving directly to the coffee cup. OKKA Turkish coffee machines, with touch panels, sound and light warning system provide the delight of coffee brewed on cinder. While the Turkish coffee machine is making your foamy Turkish coffee, you can complete your other preparations.

You can brew your tea, which allows you to relieve your tiredness at any time of the day, with the Arzum tea machine practically. Standing out with their user-friendly details, suitable volume for crowded tables and easy cleaning function, our tea makers ensure that your tea always stays hot and tasteful. Our thermos flasks, on the other hand, allow you to take the tea you have prepared wherever you want. Thanks to the double chamber in Arzum thermos flasks, you can keep your drink hot for up to 6 hours and adjust the brew of your tea as per your preference.

Arzum Small Kitchen Appliances Prices

Arzum, one of the leading brands in the electrical household appliances industry ensures a pleasant time for you in the kitchen with small kitchen appliances at affordable prices. The products offered under the categories of cooking and frying, food preparation and beverage preparation bring the state-of-the-art technologies to your home. Small kitchen appliances, which are easy to use and stand out with their efficient energy consumption, bring your favorite recipes to your table. Arzum small kitchen appliances cheer up both your home and your pocket with attractive prices.

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