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Arzum Water Heater Models

Arzum, one of the leading brands in the small home appliances industry in Turkey, has been bringing technology to your home since 1966. Up to 250 products offered under the categories of kitchen appliances, electrical home appliances, personal care appliances and Arzum OKKA family reach approximately 10 million homes in nearly 35 countries. Arzum, which designs its products with the motto " If you touch, changes the world", becomes your biggest assistant in your home with its innovative technology and makes your life easier.

Dozens of products such as vacuum cleaners, irons, fans, and water heaters under the category of electrical home appliances touch every corner of your home. One of the most functional products of the “other” electrical home appliances group, the water heater models quickly meet your hot water needs at any time of the year. Arzum water heater models are ideal choices for those who are looking for a water heater that is easy to use, reliable and does not take up space even in small bathrooms.

Your Hot Water is Always Ready with Arzum!

Arzum electrical water heater models quickly prepare your hot water with their equipment. Electrical water heaters, which can easily find themselves a space in small bathrooms or narrow spaces with their dimensions, provide users with high hot water comfort with a hot water flow rate of approximately 3 liters per minute. Thus, your hot water is ready for use whenever you wish. All you have to do to heat the water is to turn on the appliance and select the water level setting. You can get the desired water temperature practically with 3 different level settings.

Arzum water heater models take care of your safety while preparing your hot water. Models that bring together 10 safety systems increase your security in your home. The sheathed tube resistance ensures that the electricity passing through the appliance never comes into contact with water. The diaphragm flow and pressure switch is used to deactivate the resistances when water does not come to the appliance. The safety thermostat allows the resistance circuit to be interrupted when the water temperature reaches a level that will harm the appliance or you. While the return system deactivates the appliance in case of a blockage in the water outlet, the safety valve prevents the device from being damaged against excessive pressure increases. Tube resistance control, grounding connection that prevents electrical leakage, and N-type automatic switch complete the device as other systems that increase your safety. In addition, the indicator lights on the front of the appliance warn you if you forget the appliance is on.

User-friendly Details

Arzum water heater models promise practicality with their ergonomic panel and user-friendly details. When you open the inlet tap, the water heater reservoir is quickly filled with water and after the reservoir is filled, water starts to come from the water heater. After the water starts to flow, you can easily adjust the water temperature by using the water adjustment selection switch on the front panel. From the warning lamps, you can follow the level of operation of the device and whether there is voltage on the appliance.

To turn off the water heater, it is sufficient to turn the water adjustment selection switch to the “0” position. After turning the key to the "0" position, you can minimize the risk of calcification of the appliance by waiting for the hot water remaining in the water heater's reservoir to flow completely and for cold water to come from the water heater water outlet.

Arzum Water Heater Prices

Arzum water heater models, one of the most practical products of the electrical household appliances group, are also appreciated for their instant hot water preparation function, automatic shut-off function in case of water pressure changes or dehydration, user-friendly details and modern design. Arzum water heater models perfectly fit even the narrowest bathrooms with their small dimensions and complete your home with their modern and stylish designs. Offering ideal solutions for those who always favor practicality, Arzum also stands out with its price alternatives. How would you like to experience comfort and quality with Arzum water heater prices that appeal to every budget?

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