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Vertical Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner Models are Available in Arzum!

We always want our house to be clean and tidy, but especially working people may not have enough time for cleaning. That being the case, practical home appliances save lives. If you want to vacuum your house for 5 to 10 minutes every day, you can choose Arzum vertical rechargeable vacuum cleaner models with light and compact designs. It is much easier to vacuum your home with appliances that draw attention with their stylish design and ergonomic use!

Vertical Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner Suggestions

You can put heavy and hard-to-carry old-style vacuum cleaners in the closet and experience the comfort of practical cleaning with vertical vacuum cleaner models.
Those who use vertical vacuum cleaners know how important practicality and high performance are, when choosing a vacuum cleaner. What about those who are going to use it for the first time or can't decide which vacuum cleaner to buy?

Arzum, which has been one of the leading brands of Turkey for many years when it comes to electrical home appliances, combines quality with stylish and elegant designs. Rechargeable vacuum cleaners as a suggestion for vertical rechargeable vacuum cleaners which will be one of your biggest helpers with their flawless appearance and functional features, are with you even in hard-to-reach places!

How To Use Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners?

Thanks to their increased mobility, Arzum vertical rechargeable vacuum cleaner models provide access to even the most difficult areas to clean. If you wish, you can use the main body as a minimal rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner by pressing the button on the vacuum cleaner body. In this way, you can clean radiator gaps, curtains or seat corners much more easily. You can enjoy deep and practical cleaning with the brushed narrow nozzle supplied with the rechargeable vacuum cleaner.

When you want to use your vacuum cleaner on hard floors, you can take advantage of the high-performance soft brush and motorized turbo nozzle attachments that can be cleaned. The appliance, which offers the opportunity to clean the most difficult dirt to be removed from the carpet, from feathers to hair strands, from fiber to threads, provides a long-lasting suction with its half-liter dust container capacity. With the vacuum cleaner pipe that can be adjusted to the length you want and the ergonomic handle that offers easy movement, it also prevents hard waist movements.

How To Clean the Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner?

Another feature expected from a vacuum cleaner is that it shall be cleaned easily. Offering versatile cleaning possibilities, the vertical rechargeable vacuum cleaner draws attention with its easy-to-clean dust bin and filter. Cleaning the dust bin, which you can separate with the help of a single button on the body, is very easy. You can easily empty the dust bin or wash it if you wish. Metal Cyclone filters and MIF filters in the dust chamber can also be easily removed. If you are very meticulous about cleaning, Arzum rechargeable vacuum cleaners with washable filters will be indispensable!

Vertical Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner Prices

Standing out with its light, ergonomic and stylish design, Arzum vertical rechargeable vacuum cleaner appeals to every budget with its affordable vacuum cleaner prices. Arzum vertical rechargeable vacuum cleaner, which you can buy for your own home, for your dowery set or for your loved ones, is among the most popular practical home appliances.

The appliance, which offers uninterrupted cleaning for up to 36 minutes, also has a quick-charge feature with Li-on batteries used in today's smart appliances. You can charge it whenever you want without having to wait for the battery to run out. When you decide to dust while vacuuming or when you are going to clean with a mob, leave your vacuum cleaner on the charging stand and continue with your other work. When you switch to the sweeping process again, you can continue with deep cleaning with its high performance.

Attractively priced vertical rechargeable vacuum cleaners with long-lasting battery use and ergonomic design will fascinate you with their minimal design that can be stored even in tight spaces. Stay tuned to for discounted prices, campaigns and installment options.

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