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Garanti Şartları

Warranty Conditions

1. The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the product and it is 3 years.

2. In order to make benefit from the warranty services during the warranty period it is mandatory to present the warranty certificate which takes place in the user manual, bears the sales date and dealer’s stamp or the invoice of the product.

3. The entire product, including all parts, is covered the warranty of our company.

4. In the event of failure within the warranty period, the period of repair will be added to the warranty period. The repair period of the product is maximum 20 workdays. This period begins with the date of notification of the product's breakdown to the service station or, if a service station is not available, to any of the product's seller, dealer, agency, representative, importer or manufacturer-producer. If the failure of the product cannot be remedied within 10 days the manufacturer-producer or importer is obligated to allocate to the consumer another product of similar features until the completion of the product's repair operation.

5. If the product should be defected due to material and workmanship and/or assembly failures within the warranty period, the product will be repaired without claiming any fees such as workmanship costs, price of the replaced part or whatsoever.

6. If, despite the consumer’s exercise of right for repair: - the product breaks down four times within a year as of the delivery data to the consumer provided that the product shall still be within the warranty period, if the total number of various defects of the product exceeds the number of six and if such defects makes it impossible to use the product continuously, - the maximum period for repair is exceeded, - the device which its date of sales has not exceeded 30 days is defect, - if it is specified in the report to be issued by the company’s services station or, if a service station is no available, by the seller, dealer, agency, representative, importer or manufacturer-producer respectively that the repair of the defect is not possible the consumer may request the replacement of the product for free, the return of the price of the product or a price discount at the rate of the fault.

7. Any defects caused by use of the product in contradict with the matters specified in the product’s user manual are not in the scope of the warranty

8. For any problems which may occur in respect with the warranty certificate, please apply to the Ministry of Customs and Trade, General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance.