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Purchasing Guide

1. In order to place an order through, first you have to enter MEMBER LOGIN.

2. To create a new member registration select “SIGN UP” and create a new membership.

3. Upon completion of the member login, you have to complete the order creation steps in order to start shopping.

4. Upon completing login, the products can be selected from the respective categories or you can write the product name or code into the SEARCH area and can reach the products page. After selecting the product to be purchased, color and quantity shall be selected, depending on the features of the product, in the product details page. To select the product’s color, please tick the selected color appearing under the color names. Upon color selection, select the quantity and click the ADD TO CART button.

5. When the product is added to the cart the total order amount will appear on the screen and you can select either “CONTINUE SHOPPING” or “GO TO THE CART”.

6. If the “GO TO THE CART” is selected, the product picture, product name and color, sales price, discount, if any, shipment fees, quantity selection button and quantity delete button for all product having been added to the cart will appear on the screen. To delete a product from the cart please click the cross icon and the product will be deleted from the cart. If you want to change the quantity, please click the + (plus) and – (minus) icons to increase or decrease the selected quantities.

7. If you have discount code enter this code into the “ENTER THE CODE” area in the left bottom section of the cart page and when you click the “APPLY” button you will see that the respective discount is applied.

8. After clicking the “BUY” button you will reach the page where you will enter your address information. If you have not entered any address previously or if you want to enter a new address, you can add such address by clicking the "ADD NEW" button.

9. In the Addresses page, you can enter different addresses for delivery and invoice information and you can make your selection from here.

10. Upon selecting the address you move forward to the payment page by clicking the "CONTINUE" button.

11. In the payment page, first you have to select the carrier company you prefer for the delivery of your product.

12. In the Payment Options tab; name-surname of the card holder, credit card number, expiry date and CVC information have to be entered. Information related to instalment campaigns are on the right side of the area where the credit card information is entered. After entering the card information the “PRELIMINARY INFORMATION FORM AND DISTANT SALES CONTRACT” shall be read carefully and the boxes under both forms shall be ticked. When clicking the “COMPLETE THE ORDER” button the order will be completed with the credit card information and the order number will be appear on the opening screen. All information of the order details are sent to the-mail address registered under the membership and you can have access to these information from the “MY ORDERS” area in your membership account.