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Privacy-Cookies Policy

Acting as the data controller and in respect in your personal data; it is among our major principles to protect the privacy of persons visiting the website which is operated by our company (ARZUM). By the Website Privacy and Cookies Policy, various declarations are presented on (1) processing personal data of personal data subjects, (2) Cookies Policy, and (3) Enforcement of the Website Privacy Policy. ARZUM reserves the right to update this Website Privacy-Cookies Policy at all times in scope of any amendments which may be made in the applicable legislation.

Any information which renders your identity identified or identifiable is a “personal data”. The personal data which are acquired during your visit to our website may be processed by the company under the scope as described below according to the personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) 6698.
The Purpose of Processing your Personal Data

Your personal data which have been acquired upon your visit to our website may be processed by the company for following purposes:
• The performance of necessary works by our respective business units and the associated business processes in order to realize the operations carried out by the company,
• Planning and execution of the company’s operational, commercial and business strategies,
• The performance of works and related business processes by our respective business units in order to enable respective persons to benefit from the services provided by the company,
• Planning and execution of the company’s human resources policy and processes,
• Planning and execution of the activities required to offer, suggest and promote the company’s programs and services to respective persons,
• Ensuring the legal, technical and commercial-business security of the company and respective persons who are in a business relationship with the company,
• Confirmation of the identity data of persons who do shopping / have made done shopping through the website,
• Recording address and other necessary information for contact purpose,
• Contacting our customers and serving the necessary notifications about the terms, current status and updates of distant sales contracts and other contracts which we have concluded according to the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Law,
• Arranging all records and documents which will be basis for electronic (Internet/mobile etc.) or printed transactions,
• Execution of the obligations having been assumed according to the distant sales contract and to the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Law,
• Notification of public authorities on mattes related to public security upon request and according to the legislation,
• Providing a better shopping experience to our customers, informing our customers of products which they may be interested in by “taking our customers’ interests into consideration”, communicating our campaigns,
• Increasing customer satisfaction, knowing our customers who do shopping through the website and/or mobile apps and use them in the customer circles analysis, to use them in various marketing and advertising activities and, in this scope, organizing electronic and/or physical polls through contracted organizations,
• Providing suggestions and information about our services to our customers by contracted organizations and solution providers,
• Evaluation of complaints and suggestions relate to our customer services,
• Exercise of our rights arising from the applicable legislation in order to fulfill our legal obligations.

Legal Ground of the Processing and protection of Personal Data
You personal data are processed in scope of your visit to our website or during your use of our application based mainly on the legal reasons for the company’s legitimate interests and in all cases on the legal reasons complying with the KVKK clauses 5 and 6. For the use in any various marketing and advertising activities; the process will be realized only upon your explicit consent. Detailed information of processing personal data is specified in the clarification text as well.
There are many regulations in various laws related to the use of our customers’ personal data. At first, the principles of personal data protection are defined by the Personal Data Protection Law-KVKK. Also the Electronic Commerce Regulation Law 6563 includes provisions related to personal data protection. For some cases, there are also certain penal sanctions for personal data protection stipulated in the Turkish Criminal Law 5237. Your personal data are protected by ARZUM according to the said legislation provisions.
On the other hand, data have to be collected and used in order to execute our obligations arising from the Consumer Protection Law 6502 and the Distant Sales Contracts Regulation.

Parties which your personal Data are transferred to and Purpose of Transfer
Your personal data having been acquired upon your visit to our website may be transferred to our business partners, suppliers, public institutions which are authorized by law and third parties in line with the personal data processing purposes, within the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in the KVK Law clauses 8 and 9.
Any required technical and legal measures are taken in order to prevent any violation of rights during data transfer to third parties. Nevertheless, ARZUM shall not be responsible for the data protection policies of third parties having received the personal and any violations having occurred in the risk area which is under such third party’s responsibility.

Collection Method of your Personal Data and Legal Reason
During your visit to our website your personal data are collected through technical communication files called cookies in accordance with the data processing conditions specified by law.

Rights of Data Subjects
We herewith declare that you, as the personal data subject, have following rights according to clause 11 of the law:
• Knowing whether your personal data are processed,
• If your personal data are processed, requesting information in this respect,
• Knowing the purpose of the processing of your personal data and whether such personal data have been used in line with the purpose,
• Knowing the third parties inland or abroad who your personal data have been transferred to,
• Requesting the correction of personal data if the personal data have been processed incomplete or incorrect and, in this scope, requesting the notification of such correction to third parties who the personal data have been transferred to,
• Requesting the erasure or destruction of personal data if the causes for processing personal data do not exist anymore even if such personal data have been processed in compliance with the law and provisions of other laws and, in this scope, requesting the notification of such process to third parties who the personal data have been transferred to,
• To raise objection if, upon the analysis of the processed data by exclusively automatic systems bring forward a result which is against you,
• To request the remedy of any loss and damage if you are exposed to any loss and damage due to processing your personal data unlawfully.

You can send your applications related to your aforementioned rights to our company by filling in the KVK Application Form which is available at Depending on the nature of your request they will be finalized free of charge as soon as possible but not later than thirty days; however, if the transaction should require an additional cost, a fee may be requested from you per the tariff which is defined by the Personal Data Protection Council.

The Measures taken to ensure the Personal Data Security of the Personal Data Subjects
In line with the importance paid by the company in respect with personal data protection and ensuring data security, our company takes any technical and administrative measures to provide data security and ensure the appropriate security level for following purposes, according to article 12 of the law:
• To prevent unlawful processing of personal data,
• To prevent unlawful access to personal data,
• To ensure keeping personal data.

We use cookies to enable you to gain maximum efficient use of our website and to improve your user experience. If you do no prefer to use cookies you can delete or block cookies by making the necessary settings in your browser. However, we would like to remind you that this may affect your use of our website.

What are cookies and why are they used?
Cookies are small text files which are stored into your device or network server through browsers by websites which you visit. The main purposes for using cookies in our website are enlisted below:
• To improve the services provided to you by increasing the functionality and performance of the website,
• To improve the website, to present new features via the website and to personalize the presented features according to your preferences;
• To ensure legal and commercial security of the website, you and the company.

Which cookies types do we use?
Cookies are small text files containing data in the name-value format which are created in your device by a website. Therefore, these cookies which we use upon your visit to our website enables the storage of information related to your visit in your device and further use of such information in your future visits.
Cookies which are created by our website and which can be read by our website only are primary cookies.
The content presented in our website is provided also via other domain names besides the domain name available in the access address. In this case, each domain name creates itself specific exclusive third part cookies.
At this stage, it is important to underline the difference between primary and third party cookies. First party cookies are stored when you visit our website. On the other hand, third party cookies are directly created by the domains other than the website which you visit and therefore, they are named as third party cookies. These cookies are used for re-targeting and behavioral advertising. Advertisers can attach tags to the website and can monitor different websites which the user visits online. This enables advertisers to build up your profile based on your search habits and to present contents which may draw more attention to you.

The cookies types which we use in our website and the intended purposes of these cookies are as following:
No. Cookie Type Intended Purposes
1. Session Cookies Session cookies are applicable during your use of the website and remain valid until you close your web browser.
2. Permanent Cookies These cookies are stored in your browser and remain valid until deleting from your browser or until the expiry date.
3. Mandatory Cookies Cookies which are mandatory to use for proper operation of the website and for your use of the features and services of the website.
4. Functional and Analytical Cookies These are cookies used for purposes such as remembering your behaviors and choices during your visit to our website, efficient use of our website and optimization of our website to meet your requests and which also include data on how you use our website. By their nature, these types of cookies may contain your personal data. With these cookies, for example, your choice of language of our website is processed.
With the third part cookies which we use in our website we aim to provide a more efficient and functional internet experience. A KVK Privacy Contract has been concluded by our company and the third party service providers according to the KVK legislation so the security of your personal data which have been acquired by these persons on behalf of our company has been safeguarded.

Storing of and Access to Cookies
The cookies created by our website are stored in your computer by the web browser which you use to access our website. Access to the information contained in these cookies can be achieved only by our website presented under the domain name ( which has created the cookie and only if you use the same browser.

It is up to you to accept cookies
In general, your internet browsers automatically accept cookies which are used the websites you visit. The use of cookies is not mandatory to use our website but if you adjust your browser in such way to prevent all cookies the quality of the user experience may decrease and access to our website or the use of various functions of our website may be blocked.
You can configure your browser to block cookies for all websites or for certain websites, to give alert when a cookie is created, to block third party cookies or to count all cookies as session cookies.
On the other hand, you can delete cookies which have been saved in your device through the browser or can view and follow up the lists and values of such cookies. You can get detailed information of cookies management by clicking the browser you use from the browsers list below.
Microsoft Edge Google Chrome Safari Firefox Opera For more information on cookies please click following websites: and . Website contents are in English.
Security of your Personal Data
Cookies are not used for purposes other than those specified in this Internet Website privacy-Cookies Policy and all related transactions are carried out in compliance with the KVK-Personal Data Protection legislation. Your personal data which have been acquired through cookies are processed, stored and kept secure according to the KVK-Personal Data Protection legislation.

The date of enforcement of the Internet Website Privacy and Cookies Policy is September 15, 2020. If the whole or certain clauses of the policy should be renewed the enforcement date of the policy will be updated. The Privacy-Cookies Policy is published in the company’s website ( and is made available for access by the respective persons upon the personal data subjects’ request.

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