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Experience the Joy of Practicality with Arzum

Time, which is the most valuable element of our day, is a phenomenon that should be used sparingly for both men and women. For this reason, we need small but effective electrical home appliances in order to carry out daily routines that require a lot of effort in a shorter time and a practical way. Arzum, which is among the most preferred electrical home appliances brands with its quality, stylish designs and creative designs, puts its signature under new touches by blending different designs and color alternatives. The small household appliances you need in your home, from your kitchen to your bathroom, are waiting for you with price options that appeal to all budgets at the

The food preparation sub-category in the kitchen appliances category provides practicality and speed in kitchen work with its blender models. Arzum blenders; In addition to hand blender set and multi blender set types, awaits users with personal blender and jug blender models. The designs, where you can find the functions of whisking, mixing, slicing, grating, chopping and beverage preparation together or separately, are designed in accordance with your needs.

Arzum Jug Blender Models

Thanks to its stylish and functional designs, Arzum allows you to meet more than one need in a single device. Arzum jug blender models; besides its beverage preparation feature, it is most wanted for its designs with chopper accessories and grinder accessories. Arzum jug blender models with high performance wattage, multiple speed settings, large-volume jug capacity and different color options both accompany your decoration with their elegance and provide solutions to your needs with their practical use.

Arzum jug blender models allow you to quickly mix and puree fruit and vegetable varieties or food products such as baby food and potatoes, with power performance values starting from 500 Watt. Jug blenders with 5 different speed settings help you reach the texture you want. The 1500 ml and 1600 ml jug chamber capacities allow you to prepare the desired amount of ingredients at once.

The glass jug chamber offers practicality with its ergonomic design suitable for right-handed and left-handed use. Jug blenders with stainless steel blade design also offer you the ice-crushing function. Arzum jug blender models leave the preparation stage under your control thanks to the pulse function. The pulse function, where you can adjust how long you will grind, provides a fast and powerful use.

How to use the Jug Blender?

Arzum jug blender models come with different model options that you can use from preparing drinks to whipping soup and puree, or from crushing ice to chopping and grinding.

If you wish, you can bring fresh fruit juices, soup and other liquid foods to the desired texture by whisking for 40-60 seconds at the appropriate speed level with the blend function.
With the puree function, you can prepare fruit, vegetables, baby food and sauces in 1.5 or 2 minutes. With the mixing function, you can get pancake batter, drinks containing yogurt and practical dessert mixes in 1 to 2 minutes. Shred function; that is, you can complete operations that require more power, such as breaking ice, in the time period you specify using the pulse function. You can also review the user manuals available at to determine the appropriate speed level settings.

Arzum jug blender models are with you in spice and coffee grinding processes, thanks to their designs with grinding apparatus. You can also enjoy coffee made by OKKA with freshly ground coffee beans at any time.

Arzum Jug Blender Prices


Providing fast and practical use, Arzum electrical appliances increase your kitchen pleasure with affordable jug blender prices. The devices that you can use to enjoy fruit juice at breakfast or to obtain vitamin doping while doing sports also contribute to your budget with affordable jug blender prices.

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