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Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Arzum's corporate responsibility work began to take shape according to the wishes of the employees. In 2006, requests to establish a social responsibility committee were placed in the comments and suggestions boxes. The management liked the idea, and, with the involvement of a few employee volunteers, the Corporate Social Responbisility Committee was setup.

The commitee began to help people from neighboring areas who were in need, to offer scholarships to underprivileged students, and to make donations to village schools. These activities were made possible through the support of the management and through the donations solicited from the employees.
This amateur spirit took on a more institutionalized character over time. By the end of the year 2009, Arzum sponsored the Blind Leaders Project. After this project was launched, Arzum’s corporate social responsibility roadmap began to take shape. 

Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

In parallel with our company values, we care about one another, about the society that we live in and towards the environment. We have chosen education to be the focus of our social responsibility. Our primary goal is to support school-age youths who live in underprivileged areas or are physically handicapped.


Personal notes from volunteers and participants at Arzum Volunteers activities..

“Since we have thousands of people who need help in our country, we are doing the best we can. We might be in Bitlis or Diyarbakir, in Istabul or on the earthquake rubble in Van. We are here to offer value to our people as best we can. Nobody is alone!”;

Our presence in corporate sponsorship is one of the successes of our team spirit. Arzum volunteers always aim to stay a step ahead by giving away their time after the workday. What makes us different is that we are spiritual.”

Laughing Eyes with Seeing Hands

"None of the children had made dumplings before. None of them had touched a sharp knife. They had never eaten food this delicious... "

"I had a lot of fun, and I began to love reading while I was heaving fun. I learnt to think as I read, and I learnt to share my thoughts.

( 7the Grade / Selin )…"

"We need Arzum Workshop classrooms to meet the personnel needs of all of our technical services ( Gül Göktepe)…"

"Students at the technical highschools need practical education. With Arzum products, we will be able to offer such training at our school (Diyarbakır End Vocational School Principal).."