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The mission of Arzum Human Resources is to determine the Human Resources Strategy according to our company goals and to execute these policies and strategies as a Strategic Partner of the Management.
Our Human Resources Strategy :
  To attract human resources from outside of the company and to place the right person at the right job;
  To discover, develop and retain the talent within the company;
  To contribute to employees’ personal development;
  To preserve employee motivation.


Arzum is one of the leading small appliance companies in Turkey, and aims to be one of the main actors in the global small appliance sector. In line with the company mission, Arzum seeks to produce innovative and trusted products that make the lives of our global customers easy. In parallel without strategy to become a global brand, we are looking for colleagues who are talented, culturally adaptable, open to innovation, proactive and who can adapt to our company values and corporate culture.

Working Days and Hours

Our working week begins on Monday and ends on Friday.
Workday begins :  08:00
Workday ends :  17:00

Social Life

Our company’s offices are located at the Flat Office Çarşı in Haliç, where history and culture meet at the Istanbul city center. Our employees use the restaurant, cafe, gym, dry cleaning, ATM and hairdresser services located at Flat Office. Our offices also include a Playstation corner and a library that are open for employee use.

Health Services

All of our employees receive private health insurance and personal accident insurance. As a part of preventative medical practices, all of our employees go through a check-up once a year. At the same time, a Workplace Physician comes in certain days and times of the week to address our employees’ health concerns.
Social Activity Clubs

In order to improve our employees’ motivation, and to facilitate interaction and sharing, and ensuring social & cultural bonding, our company has 3 Social Activity Clubs;
-Arts & Hobby,
These clubs are run by volunteer presidents elected by their members, and receive budgetary support from the company
Social Activities
During the briefing meeting that we organize each year with employee participation, we offer “Seniority Awards” to employees who have been with our company for 5, 10 and 15 years. At the same time, we also organize New Year’s dinners, Ramadan dinners and Department dinners at our company. .

Technological Office

We use technology to ensure that our employees work comfortably and productively both in and outside the office. We offer the following services to our employees:
  •  3G Smartphone, 
  • Remote access to company network,
  • Laptop computer, 
  • Wireless Internet